20 W. Van Dusen St.
Springfield, MN 56087



Jennifer Fischer, Principal
Monday afternoon
Tuesday and Friday 7:45-3:45

Bev Krueger, School Secretary
M-Th 7:45-12:45
Friday 7:45-3:45


Catholic United

Welcome to St. Raphael's Catholic School!

St. Raphael’s Catholic School is a parochial school in Springfield, MN providing a rigorous faith-based curriculum for Prek-6 graders. St. Raphael’s was established in 1900 at the turn of the 20th century. We continue that strong tradition of excellence into the 21st century.

St. Raphael’s Catholic School is accredited by the Minnesota Non-Public School Accreditation Association (MNSAA). During the current year, the entire curriculum was reviewed with MNSAA and our school once again fulfilled its accreditation requirements.

St. Raphael School History:

The first school served students through the 8th grade and was run by two Sisters from the order of the Sisters of St. Francis from Rochester, MN. From 1919 to 1929, the Sisters also operated a school for high school students.

In 1939, a new modern St. Raphael grade school was built. This structure is still part of the present facility. The building was expanded in 1964 to double the number of classrooms. In that same year, the first Board of Education was established. Edward Tauer, Lester Krueger. Mrs. Tom Miesen, Gilbert Schmitz, Arnold Hillesheim, Dr. H.T. Mohr, Frank Weber Jr., and Dr. F.J. Boyle served on the Board of Education.

In 1990, the junior high portion of the school was discontinued and a kindergarten was established. Offerings for young children were expanded in 2000, with the addition of the Little Angels Pre-Kindergarten. This program was replaced in 2009 with the Little Panthers Preschool.

Since 1900, St. Raphael’s Catholic School has built on its tradition of excellence and we continue to it offer a faith-based education for area families.

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